Industrial Re:evolution

a learning game
for ks3-5


Industrial Re:evolution is a management puzzle game exploring the causes of the industrial revolution and its impact on England and Wales. The game seeks to serve as a tool for teachers to help their students navigate the complex causal web driving this process. Watch the trailer for an overview of the game's premise, and swipe right for further insight into its features.



Who said economic history was dry and boring? Let students dive into the mechanics of the Industrial Revolution and discover the cause-and-effect relationships that shaped the world we live in today. Migrate populations and manage occupational structure, control the energy supplies and the emerging transport networks, taking advantage of regional strengths to help England and Wales flourish – or stagnate.



Meet Malthus, learn core concepts, such as GDP and measures of living standards. Teach the theory behind these changes with animated videos and interactive mechanics. Students are encouraged to consider the impacts of change on a broad spectrum of society, exploring ethical issues surrounding industrialisation, empire, environmental degradation, and rapid population growth.



Improve student understanding of chronology as they react to events and opportunities arising in the game. The game helps students memorise key events and link them to their social and economic effects. The game embeds learning functions (quizzes, and puzzles) to unlock special features and encourage learning retention of key terms and dates.



Complex multivariate causal systems are notoriously difficult to picture. The game acts as a historical sandpit, where students can infer causality through repeated playthroughs. What happens to wood supplies when population grows, and why did coal become the main source of energy in the economy? The game reinforces understanding of the key causal mechanisms and offers material for classroom discussion.


Learning Checks

Explore the game and test your knowledge to unlock new features and improvements for your economy. By finding the right answer you can develop crop rotation in Norfolk, the Cornish steam engine, or even found the Bank of England.



The game was conceived as a teacher-led activity. It comes with a pedagogical package and prepared lesson plans for KS3-5 and history clubs. The game also allows teachers to track student results, and feedback results for classroom discussion. Learn by play and not by rote!

Meet the team

Dr. Alexis Litvine

Economic Historian and Digital Humanist

Dr. Juan Hiriart

Game designer and lecturer in Interactive Media Art and Design

Dr. Nathan Bowman

Development Lead

Kirsty Pearson

Pedagogical Lead, Head of Social Sciences at Tytherington School

James Williams

Pedagogical Lead, Teacher of History at Downham Market Academy

Matt Jarvis

UI Engineer

Nela Ion

UI Engineer

Dr. Emma Reay

Gamification Advisor, Senior Lecturer in Emerging Media at Anglia Ruskin University

Adam Frith

Animator & Designer

Stan Hinton

Researcher, History Undergraduate

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Participating Schools

Tytherington School


Cromwell Community College


Stone Lodge School


London Academy of Excellence


Cambourne Village College


Downham Market Academy

Downham Market

Colyton Grammar School


Highworth Grammar School


Turing House School


Colchester County High School for Girls


Sacred Heart Catholic School


Burnt Mill Academy


Impington Village College


Chorlton High


Ashcroft Academy


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